• LexLab at UC Hastings Law Welcomes Its Spring 2021 Accelerator Program Participants

    January 12, 2021 | at UC Hastings Law


    LexLab at UC Hastings Law, an innovation hub for transformation in the legal profession, today welcomes its fourth cohort of legal tech startups.


    Following the success of its first three cohorts, LexLab has accepted seven legal tech startups to participate in the fourth class of their accelerator program. The seven startups joining this spring represent a diverse selection from the legal tech space.


    The Spring 2021 cohort will ultimately participate in LexLab’s Demo Day on April 19th, which will see the startups make pitches to potential investors.


    The startups in the latest cohort are:



    At Anü we connect founders to law firms. We are committed to making sure underrepresented founders have access to the right legal expertise and advice at pivotal points in their journey. While also helping law firms to take an innovative and inclusive approach to business development.



    Jade is an AI-powered customer success platform that helps legal tech companies onboard, retain, and grow. Combining the power of artificial intelligence with in-depth data about how lawyers use software, Jade automatically generates interactive onboarding experiences and customer support for any area of law.


    People Clerk

    People Clerk helps you navigate the California small claims process. We help you file the lawsuit, serve the other party, and prepare for your hearing day. As part of the process, People Clerk prepares a judge friendly evidence packet that helps you present your case to the judge.



    PwrSwitch automates the collection and consolidation of texts and emails between two people, securely saving everything in a sequential time and date stamped searchable PDF. The result is the comprehensive foundation of evidence clients and counsel need to successfully file court orders, charges, assess claims or otherwise negotiate. Good evidence changes everything, and now, for the first time ever, anyone can search, highlight, redact and annotate months or even years of conversations all from one place.


    Rain Intelligence LLC

    Rain Intelligence LLC is a legal technology startup focused on using data to uncover consumer harm that gives rise to potential class action lawsuits. The company aims to be the first company to discover all potential class actions lawsuits that are discoverable through data sources. They have back tested their software to uncover dozens of past consumer class actions filed between 2017 and 2019, and class action law firms have begun filing class actions discovered through the team’s software.



    Trokt’s Thumbprinter is a cybersecurity tool that any size firm can use to permanently protect the authenticity of any file that leaves the firm’s control. Thumbprinting agreements, documents, or files for a client ensures they will always be accepted as valid digital originals, no matter where they are kept or how they are stored, even after the firm no longer retains its copies. For just $1 of hard cost per file, Trokt Thumbprinter permanently protects the work you’ve done for your client from any potential loss, damage, or cyber attack.



    YoTengoBot uses AI and machine learning to automate the initial interactions between legal providers and their clients. The automation of these conversations will propel far more legal knowledge and assistance in the world by lowering the cost of services and making legal conversations possible at scale. Our conversational AI speaks English and Spanish and operates on FB messenger, Whatsapp and SMS.