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    Calling all founders!  LexLab is partnering with the Justice Technology Association, Dream.Org, gener8tor, and Village Capital to offer a groundbreaking accelerator program supporting justice tech startups. This light-touch, hybrid program will assist entrepreneurs in developing technologies that positively impact individuals and communities affected by the justice system and the access to justice gap. Running from September to November 2024, the ten week program will culminate in a Demo Day on November 19, where entrepreneurs will showcase their work to investors and members of the justice tech community. The application deadline is August 11, 2024. 



    Calling all mentors! Are you passionate about increasing access to justice through technology and want to get involved? We are looking to grow our network of experts to mentor the startups in our program. Click on the button below to learn more.

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    Programming that includes events, networking, and mentorship


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    Gain industry knowledge from established legal tech entrepreneurs and scholars in weekly meetings.



    Get to know investors and members of the Justice Tech community. Practice your pitch. Meet interns and law students.



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  • Spring 2023 Legal Tech Cohort

    Our sixth cohort includes six startups devoping tools to improve and automate drafting, expand services for consumers, and provide support for law students.


    Aurelian seeks to democratize access to litigation funding, allowing investors of all kinds the opportunity to invest through tokenized security in a fund style vehicle with exposure to various contingency based case types. By leveraging innovative corporate structures, deep industry knowledge, years of cultivated relationships, and cutting edge technology, Aurelian will open up investment opportunities to a larger pool of potential investors.


    BackedMe is on a mission to drive access to resolution with case-by-case diagnosis, conflict assessment and recommendations. BackedMe will serve as an automated ombuds for users and clients, with our chatbot providing neutral insights to each claim. Our goal is to support organizations, businesses and schools with a specialized tool to deal with complaints or disputes in a timely manner.


    Briefpoint is a SaaS platform that uses AI to rapidly construct litigation documents that litigators would otherwise have to painstakingly draft by hand. Briefpoint's AI algorithms are specifically trained to eliminate your routine drafting tasks so you can focus on more strategic work - or just make it home for dinner.

    The Legal Accountability Project (LAP)

    LAP’s mission is to ensure that law clerks have positive clerkship experiences, while extending support and resources to those who do not. LAP fosters beneficial clerkship experiences and diversifies judicial chambers by democratizing information about judges and infusing transparency into the clerkship application process. Through data collection, analysis, programming, and partnerships with law schools and other stakeholders, LAP quantifies the scope of discrimination, harassment, and diversity issues in the courts, and uses the results of its research to craft effective solutions.


    Ligalio is a legal document generator for businesses. Currently, it allows entrepreneurs to create high-quality privacy policies for websites and mobile apps quickly.


    Paraply is a one-stop legal collaboration platform for average consumers. Through AI automation, intuitive design and transparent pricing, we aim to make the legal system more accessible for everyone.

  • Spring 2022 Legal Tech Cohort

    Our fifth cohort includes startups that focus on improving

    access to justice, data collection and authentication, and technology implementation.

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    CaseYak uses artificial intelligence to predict the value of personal injury claims. Our bilingual platform helps injured victims get access to justice by providing a data-driven answer to their most pressing question ("what's my case worth?") and connecting them with local law firms. For lawyers, CaseYak generates more qualified leads and automates first-level client intake.
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    Graphletter helps companies meet their data protection and privacy requirements through automated legal reasoning and a collaborative compliance workspace. Built for in-house legal teams, Graphletter offers tools to streamline manual compliance tasks, identify hidden risks, and coordinate remediation steps, all within a simple and intuitive platform.

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    Inkly is building an intelligent contract negotiation platform in your pocket, with attorneys on-demand. We strongly believe that the future of contract negotiations sits in the hands of the non-lawyer, and build tools to enable that future.

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    JusticeText is building the first centralized infrastructure to store, catalog, analyze, and share video evidence in the criminal justice system. The platform leverages machine learning to improve outcomes for low-income criminal defendants by enabling greater transparency and accountability around police interactions.

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    Legal Karma empowers law firms to grow revenue without adding headcount by automating document drafting and building templates of cases at your firm.
  • Spring 2021 Legal Tech Cohort

    Our fourth (and first virtual!) cohort includes startups that focus on improving

    access to justice, data collection and authentication, and technology implementation.

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    At Anü we connect founders to law firms. We are committed to making sure underrepresented founders have access to the right legal expertise and advice at pivotal points in their journey. While also helping law firms to take an innovative and inclusive approach to business development.

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    Jade is an AI-powered customer success platform that helps legal tech companies onboard, retain, and grow. Combining the power of artificial intelligence with in-depth data about how lawyers use software, Jade automatically generates interactive onboarding experiences and customer support for any area of law.

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    People Clerk helps you navigate the California small claims process. We help you file the lawsuit, serve the other party, and prepare for your hearing day. As part of the process, People Clerk prepares a judge friendly evidence packet that helps you present your case to the judge.

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    PwrSwitch automates the collection and consolidation of texts and emails between two people, securely saving everything in a sequential time and date stamped searchable PDF. The result is the comprehensive foundation of evidence clients and counsel need to successfully file court orders, charges, assess claims or otherwise negotiate. Good evidence changes everything, and now, for the first time ever, anyone can search, highlight, redact and annotate months or even years of conversations all from one place.

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    Rain Intelligence LLC is a legal technology startup focused on using data to uncover consumer harm that gives rise to potential class action lawsuits. The company aims to be the first company to discover all potential class actions lawsuits that are discoverable through data sources. They have back tested their software to uncover dozens of past consumer class actions filed between 2017 and 2019, and class action law firms have begun filing class actions discovered through the team’s software.

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    Trokt’s Thumbprinter is a cybersecurity tool that any size firm can use to permanently protect the authenticity of any file that leaves the firm’s control. Thumbprinting agreements, documents, or files for a client ensures they will always be accepted as valid digital originals, no matter where they are kept or how they are stored, even after the firm no longer retains its copies. For just $1 of hard cost per file, Trokt Thumbprinter permanently protects the work you’ve done for your client from any potential loss, damage, or cyber attack.

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    YoTengoBot uses AI and machine learning to automate the initial interactions between legal providers and their clients. The automation of these conversations will propel far more legal knowledge and assistance in the world by lowering the cost of services and making legal conversations possible at scale. Our conversational AI speaks English and Spanish and operates on FB messenger, Whatsapp and SMS.

  • Spring 2020 Legal Tech Cohort

    Our third cohort featured startups that targeted inefficiencies

    in contract, settlement, and workflow management.

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    Lawgood makes it fast and easy for lawyers to draft better contracts. With Lawgood's Contract Workbench, lawyers can draft contracts from scratch in minutes, without any precedent libraries or expensive practice resources .


    With its intuitive design and crowdsourced data approach, lawyers can change the favorability and language of a clause with a push of a button based on market standards for specific locations and industries. Contract Workbench empowers lawyers to deliver efficient and high quality services to better compete in the fast-changing legal industry.


    Lawgood was founded by a team of lawyers, law professors, and machine learning experts.

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    ProvenX is the "AirBnB" of legal knowledge for lawyers - a marketplace for professional “know-how in a box“ products like templates or checklists. ProvenX allows lawyers to scale earnings on their know-how, and provides relevant in-use content for end users on demand. To make our platform ever more powerful, we further leverage drafting automation and AI based text creation. The flexible model makes our first product “provenlaw“ available to 3.3M lawyers of the $13.3B OECD online legal services market and lets us expand into distributing the knowledge of comparable industries like engineering or management consulting.

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    Parley Pro is a modern, web-based, intuitive, collaborative contract negotiation and management solution that provides an easy-to-use workflow, helping companies to improve productivity and accelerate contract time-to-close. The platform streamlines negotiation by replacing emails, attachments, and redlines with an automated workflow -- no more manually reconciling documents and poring over long email threads. The proactive contract management engine manages contract key milestones and sends timely email notifications and deadline alerts. Parley Pro's analytics component allows you to easily report on non-standard terms, renewals, and other contract metrics in real-time -- no more manually maintaining and updating spreadsheets. Parley Pro customers report shorter contract cycles, better outcomes, and improved relationships among stakeholders.

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    Many people don’t realize that when a loved one dies, they are going to be spend an average of 16 months and over $12,000, not including the funeral, to deal with courts, banks, government agencies and service providers.


    Tusk leads people through the fragmented and painful world of estate settlement by streamlining the 100+ tasks into a single, online location. Tusk offers families specialized assistance in managing all their loved one’s affairs from dealing with the courts to distributing assets. Tusk will get you through the process with transparency from beginning to end, giving you the freedom to grieve.

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    Theorem LTS is building the first integrated legal technology marketplace that powers contextual awareness and adoption of digital solutions for the legal industry, while coaching legal professionals through their workflow. Theorem is bringing law firms and corporate legal departments into the future by enabling them to accelerate their use of AI and other new technologies–making it easier to deliver better client experiences at scale.

  • Fall 2019 Legal Tech Cohort

    Our second cohort was filled with a diverse mix of legal technology startups.

    From AI to professional development, we're proud to call this group our own.

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    LawZam is a web application that helps legal consumers find attorneys and purchase online legal consultations by text chat and video conference. LawZam’s network includes attorneys in every U.S. state, including lawyers practicing family law, personal injury, criminal defense, wills and estates, immigration, and many other practices. LawZam is developing a new service that will enable their network attorneys to offer and sell flat fee services to clients.

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    1LAW is a virtual legal services platform developed by lawyers to improve the delivery of legal services from enterprise to small law firms. The pillars of the platform are communication, automation and cyber-security. 1LAW puts the power of the platform in the hands of the expert, allowing lawyers and technologists to tailor their own solutions. Ever mindful of Access to Justice issues throughout the world 1LAW provides many public facing tools and solutions for free.

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    Formally is a legal tech startup that simplifies asylum and immigration forms, specifically focused on tackling the lack of legal representation for asylum seekers in the United States. Currently about 86% of asylum seekers have no legal representation, making them 5 times more likely to be rejected. Formally works with high impact immigration organizations and lawyers to streamline their processes by making complicated forms accessible to applicants. This allows partners to triple the number of clients they can help. Formally also provides a solution for asylum seekers and refugees who cannot access a lawyer. Formally provides translations into 100+ languages as well as valuable context and accessible design to make these highly complex forms accessible. Once the applicant fills our information, Formally can pre-populate all subsequent forms: from fee waivers to social security applications.

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    KaleidoGlobe is a business-to-business cloud software technology company headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, with an additional presence in Boston, MA. The company specializes in applying state-of-the-art algorithms in natural language processing, machine learning, and Bayesian statistics to the discovery, organization, and machine comprehension of unstructured text content. The company was founded late 2018 by MIT graduates with management consulting experience who wanted to create a commercial solution that could maximize the value of information present within the knowledge bases of large enterprises. As of late 2019, the company is adapting its core technology for legal document analytics and is actively seeking partnerships in legal services sector.
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    SpeedLegal helps lawyers streamline legal due diligence and document review. SpeedLegal allows their users to reduce 50% of the cost of legal due diligence and avoid making mistakes so they can make more deals. SpeedLegal uses a set of machine learning tools to extract useful data from bulk-uploaded contracts so lawyers can focus on the parts that require more attention. SpeedLegal’s users have higher ROIs on the document review process compared to those not using its red-flag analysis and summary report features.
  • Spring 2019 Legal Tech Cohort

    Our inaugural cohort included four great companies

    using very different applications of legal technology.

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    Syntexys is a document analytics startup that uses machine learning and statistical natural language processing to provide business insights, mitigate risk, and predict contract outcomes. With Syntexys Contract Analytics, enterprises can load thousands of contracts, build custom reports sourced directly from contract language, and search instantly for abstract legal concepts. Syntexys spun out from A³, Airbus's Silicon Valley innovation center.

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    The speed of business is increasing. But in growing organizations, legal teams often have a hard time keeping up with the increased deal volume and velocity. Businesses have tried to eliminate the bottleneck by requiring their legal teams to either work longer hours or hire more people, leading to employee burnout, higher costs, or both.


    At Clearlaw, we started with the mindset that quality contract review shouldn't force a trade-off between speed and accuracy. With new technology, we can make use of all the existing intelligence within the team to both better mitigate risk and speed up the pipeline to keep pace with sales. And what we have created is a virtual assistant to guide the legal team through continuous and augmented contract review. The "legal bottleneck" disappears, team attrition is reduced, and revenue is closed faster.


    Clearlaw: Contracts in minutes, not weeks.

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    VictorAi has built a virtual compliance officer. Using artificial intelligence, Victor.ai simplifies compliance by helping law firms and companies achieve and maintain compliance with applicable local, state and federal regulations. Our first product focuses on compliance with data privacy laws and regulations as well as with any privacy terms contained in contracts to which the firm or company is a signatory. Our platform will soon expand to cover additional compliance needs as well.

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    Due Course App

    DueCourse is a learning platform that helps lawyers develop essential skills and achieve peak performance through custom video courses and personalized learning. We work with professional development teams at top law firms to create courses tailored to the individual needs of each attorney with a focus on promoting growth and accelerating development. We’re building an AI-powered platform that designs personalized development paths, allowing lawyers to map and track their progress and take control of their career at the firm.