• LexLab at UC Law San Francisco Welcomes its Spring 2023 Accelerator Program Participants

    January 26, 2023 | at UC Law San Francisco


    LexLab at UC College of the Law San Francisco (UC Law SF), an innovation hub for transformation in the legal profession, today welcomes its sixth cohort of legal tech startups.


    Following the success of its first five cohorts, LexLab has accepted six legal technology startups to participate in the sixth class of their accelerator program. The startups joining this spring represent a diverse selection from the legal tech space.


    The Spring 2023 program will culminate in LexLab’s Demo Day on April 20, 2023, which will see the startups pitch to a panel of expert judges and investors.


    The startups in the latest cohort are:



    Aurelian seeks to democratize access to litigation funding, allowing investors of all kinds the opportunity to invest through tokenized security in a fund style vehicle with exposure to various contingency based case types. By leveraging innovative corporate structures, deep industry knowledge, years of cultivated relationships, and cutting edge technology, Aurelian will open up investment opportunities to a larger pool of potential investors.



    BackedMe is on a mission to drive access to resolution with case-by-case diagnosis, conflict assessment and recommendations. BackedMe will serve as an automated ombuds for users and clients, with our chatbot providing neutral insights to each claim. Our goal is to support organizations, businesses and schools with a specialized tool to deal with complaints or disputes in a timely manner.



    Briefpoint is a SaaS platform that uses AI to rapidly construct litigation documents that litigators would otherwise have to painstakingly draft by hand. Briefpoint's AI algorithms are specifically trained to eliminate your routine drafting tasks so you can focus on more strategic work - or just make it home for dinner.


    The Legal Accountability Project (LAP)

    LAP’s mission is to ensure that law clerks have positive clerkship experiences, while extending support and resources to those who do not. LAP fosters beneficial clerkship experiences and diversifies judicial chambers by democratizing information about judges and infusing transparency into the clerkship application process. Through data collection, analysis, programming, and partnerships with law schools and other stakeholders, LAP quantifies the scope of discrimination, harassment, and diversity issues in the courts, and uses the results of its research to craft effective solutions.



    Ligalio is a legal document generator for businesses. Currently, it allows entrepreneurs to create high-quality privacy policies for websites and mobile apps quickly. Paraply is a one-stop



    Paraply is a one-stop legal collaboration platform for average consumers. Through AI automation, intuitive design and transparent pricing, we aim to make the legal system more accessible for everyone.